24 December 2010

Brittany Ferries brings back Poole Cherbourg ship

Brittany Ferries has done the right thing and agreed to reinstate the ferry route operated by their vessel the Barfleur between Poole and Cherbourg. Following their decision to suspend this ferry crossing to France there was quite an outcry. The Poole Cherbourg crossing might not be the most used of the ferry routes between the UK and France, but it was much loved by those in the know.

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Poole is a useful port for those living in central southern England and the relatively short route to Cherbourg, just 4 and a half hours for the Barfleur, makes the crossing effective in terms of time. The short crossing time also enabled the mv Barfleur, which operates the route, to make up to 3 crossings daily.

The Barfleur will return to service between Poole and Cherbourg on the 27th February 2011, crossing fron Cherbourg ready to sail again from Poole on February 28th. Brittany Ferries has changed the mix of freight and passengers to give more emphasis on freight. They hope this will enable the route to return to profitability, as it has been losing serious money for some time. But the company promises there will be no loss of facilities for passengers on board.

The Brafleur will operate beytween Poole and Cherbourg throughout the spring and summer, and towards the end of the season the route will be reviewed to see if is producing sufficient profit to enable it to continue. So residents of Poole and the surrounding area need to help Brittany Ferries to justify their about turn by using the route whenever possible.

The service from Poole will operate daily with an overnight return from Cherbourg, with extra crossings every Friday and Saturday. During the summer there will be a convenient 11.00 departure from Poole on most days and a 19.00 return from Cherbourg on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 22.30 on other days.

Latest timetable Poole Cherbourg ferry crossing.

Barfleur’s departures will be complemented by the existing fast craft service between Poole and Cherbourg which operates from May to October and takes just 2 and a half hours.

Customers already booked on other sailings or on the Fastcraft Normandie Vitesse will be able to change their reservations to Barfleur sailings without charge. This will be possible at any point in time on Brittany Ferries' website, and customers will also be able to make these changes without charge by phone until 17th January 2011.