27 July 2010

Car hijacked, baggage stolen - a cautionary tale

We have received details of a very unfortunate event which occurred to a reader of our website whilst driving in Spain. From the reception he received when he went to the police station to report this incident it seems to be a not uncommon experience. If similar incidents have happened to other users please let us know by emailing info@drive-alive.co.uk.

Our reader tells us:

"We were on the AP-7 Motorway in the area of Martorell towards Tarragona on the inside lane when we heard a bang which sounded like someone had hit us. I looked in the mirrors as I pulled onto the hard shoulder but couldn't see anything on the road. As we came to a stop a car pulled in front with his hazard lights on. So we thought they had seen what happened. The passenger got out and came back to us. He opened my door and was shouting at me in Spanish. He then pulled at my arm to try to get me out, pointing under the car and still shouting. As I am disabled my wife got out to look under the car. I turned away to put the car into park. When I turned back there was another bloke making off with our bags, which had been at my wife's feet for easy access. They drove off before my wife got back into the car. The whole thing took just 60/100 seconds. We reckon the initial bang could have been a stone thrown from another car or fired from a catapult. It dented the boot."

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23 July 2010

Ferry passengers will get compensation for delays and cancellations

The EU Parliament has decided that ferry passengers should be entitled to the same sort of compensation as airline users in the event that their crossing is cancelled or delayed.

Currently those travelling by sea can only expect a refund or a place on a subsequent crossing if their booked ferry is cancelled. Once the directive has become active ferry users will be able to claim compnsation for inconvenience in the same way as air passengers, although unfortunately it will be another 2 years before this this happens.

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21 July 2010

Brittany Ferries now even cheaper in summer mid-week

Still wondering what to do with the family this summer without breaking the bank? How about a week in Brittany or Normandy using one of the Brittany Ferries ferries to France?

Following on from their recent summer offer, Brittany Ferries have now cut prices even further with an offer of ONLY £259 RETURN FOR FAMILY OF 4 WITH CAR, which strikes us as a pretty good deal. These prices represent a discount of 33% and mean a family of 4 with their car can travel to the holiday areas of Brittany and Normandy for as little as £65 per person return. And there are no booking fees, luggage charges, airport taxes or anything else - just the cost of fuel.

Add to this the improving rate of the pound versus the euro and this becomes a bit of a bargain. You can take advantage of the summer mid-week specials on the Brittany Ferries routes from Portsmouth to Caen and Cherbourg, from Poole to Cherbourg and from Plymouth to Roscoff. You need to travel between Monday to Thursday from August 2nd and return by September 2nd, and can stay for up to 7 days.

For more information on this offer and to check the conditions visit:
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14 July 2010

DFDS Seaways and Norfolk Line merger complete

On July 13th the merger between DFDS Seaways and Norfolk Line was officially completed. All the previous seagoing operations of Norfolk Line will now be re-branded as DFDS Seaways.

However, users of the Norfolk Line ferry routes between Dover and Dunkirk and across the Irish Sea will not see any difference for a while. The redesign of the website and the repainting of the Norfolk Line ships will be an ongoing process which will take some time to complete. So for now bookings will still be made on the respective DFDS and Norfolk Line websites.

There are no plans to change the fare structure either, although in the longer term DFDS hope the merger will put them in a stronger financial position, enabling them to offer more competitive pricing.

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1 July 2010

Whale watching in the Bay of Biscay - 2 more trips in 2010

Cruise to Santander in Spain and return with two nights on board the luxury flagship of Brittany Ferries fleet, The Pont-Aven, FROM JUST £150PP.

Brittany Ferries are running two more of these whale watching trips this summer, departing Portsmouth on 14th July and 18th August. This is a real wildlife adventure, crossing the 4000m-deep Bay of Biscay on the way to Santander.

This remarkable area of ocean is one of the World’s very best places for spotting whales and dolphins. It’s home to over twenty different types of marine mammal, ranging in size from the tiny sea porpoise to the mighty fin whale - the second largest animal on earth.

Passengers on the cruises will be accompanied by expert guides from Planet Whale and marine conservation charity ORCA who will give fun and informative wildlife presentations, as well as helping passengers to spot and identify the marine mammals encountered en route.

The Pont Aven is well-suited for whale-watching, with extensive promenade decks and observation areas. Inside, there’s a range of comfortable restaurants and lounges, all equipped with panoramic windows looking out across the breathtaking Atlantic seascapes.

Starting from just £150 per person, the cruise includes 2 nights on board with en suite cabin accommodation, expert whale watching advice and wildlife presentations, as well as time ashore in bustling Santander.

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