20 July 2011

Roadworks delays en route to Dover summer 2011

Roadworks are in place on the A20 near the Roundhill Tunnel between Folkestone and Dover. The eastbound carriageway, which narrows from three lanes to two soon after passing the Channel Tunnel exit, now reduces to just one lane.

The delays vary according to the volume of traffic, but at peak times during the school holidays you could be delayed by as much as one hour. The same applies to westbound traffic towards London. Channel Tunnel traffic from the West is not affected as the exits for the tunnel are before the roadworks.

The roadworks are necessary because of problems with the expansion joints on the viaduct to the west of the Roundhill Tunnel. Apparently these need to be made in Europe (so much for British engineering!) and this, together with the time needed for fitting, means the disruption could continue for most of 2011.

The ferry and port operators are urging the Highways Agency to find an interim solution, such as a temporary bridge, but this is by no means certain.

You might like to consider using the alternative route via the M2/A2, which although a little slower, is not currently subject to any problems.

For up to date traffic information visit the Highways Agency website.
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