23 October 2009

Brittany Ferries new ship the Armorique - Plymouth to Roscoff

Earlier this year Brittany Ferries launched their new ship the Armorique on the ferry crossing from Plymouth to Roscoff. We've just taken a return crossing and thought you might like to know our opinion of her.

The first thing that strikes you is the sense of space everywhere - even the car decks are completely free from the feeling of claustrophobia all too common on old ferries, and there's plenty of room for manouvering. Everything is fresh and new, although we did find the bright and lively colour scheme throughout the ship a little garish. Subtle and restfull it is not!

The basic 2 berth cabins are comfortable enough, and all have their own little en-suite shower room and loo. 4 berth cabins are also available as well as more expensive options with all mod cons, including TV, right up to the luxurious Commodore class cabins.

The spacious theme is continued even in the public toilets, a far cry from the cramped loos of older vessels. The two cinemas on board are extremely comfortable, with 21st century surround sound which actually shakes the floor!

We ate in the self-service restaurant, and the food was well up to the standard set by previous Brittany Ferries self-service eateries. However, we were disappointed to find no proper restaurant on board. One of the pleasures of using the ferries to France instead of Eurotunnel or flying is being served a lovely meal while gazing out of the window at the ever-changing sea-scape. A strange omission from a French-owned ship whose clientele would surely have appreciated the restaurant experience.

But overall the experience was positive, with the added benefit of the faster daytime crossing time of just five and a half hours. And the staff are very friendly and helpful and really go out of their way to help make this crossing an enjoyable way to start and finish your trip.

Click to find out more about the ferry crossings from Brittany Ferries.

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