17 February 2010

Low Emission Zones in Germany

If you have visited our page about Low Emission Zones you will know that many German cities require you to purchase and display a sticker. This proves that your vehicle meets the emission standards necessary for you to drive in the city in question.

Purchasing a sticker in advance of travel has always been the best option as it avoids searching for a sales point (usually garages) on arrival at the outskirts of towns. But pre-purchase has previously been difficult. Plenty of websites offered the sticker but the issue was that they required documentation and payment to be sent offline.

This has now changed. The Environmental Zone page of the Berlin City website allows you to simply type your registration details and scan and upload a copy of the vehicle registration document. The cost is only 6 euros which can be paid by credit card online.

More good news is that the sticker is valid anywhere in Germany and lasts throughout the life of the vehicle. So buy in advance and make sure you do not leave yourself open to the fine of 40 euros for not displaying the sticker.

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