20 May 2010

Driving from Belgrade back to the UK with a broken laptop

Well here we are back in the UK after a trouble free but fascinating journey since we last posted to this blog back in Belgrade. I say trouble free but of course our laptop packed up in Belgrade.

We drove to Macedonia where there wasn't really time to try and do anything about it, and no sign of any internet access. In Greece we visited a computer repair shop where a very helpful person told us the video card had died and the laptop wasn't worth reparing, something a quick phone call to the UK confirmed.

Unfortunately they don't use Roman letters in Greece so the keyboards are totally different and we would have needed to source a laptop from the UK for it to have been useable. As we were travelling delivery would have been tricky.

We did try using PCs in Internet cafés and hotels but it was hard work. As we were in Greece websites like Google kept directing us to their Greek servers so everything was in Greek, and even when this wasn't the case programme menus were often in Greek.

So we decided not to make any further posts to this blog but to write it out as we went along and to resume posting when back in the UK.

So this is by way of an apology and to let you know that if you want to follow the rest of our epic drive from Belgrade through Macedonia, Greece, ferry to Italy, then home through the Fréjus Alpine tunnel and France, check here or watch our Twitter panel on the Drive-Alive website.

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