30 June 2010

More for your money - Pound stronger against Euro

We don't want to get into the economics or the politics, suffice to say that at last the British pound sterling is on the up against the Euro. Yesterday it broke the 1.2 euros to the pound barrier and hit the giddy heights of 1.24, a level not seen since November 2008.

So good news for holiday makers wanting to take advantage of the fact that Europe is now altogether cheaper than for several years. As well as the improvement in sterling, prices have fallen in most of the major European holiday destinations as hotels, restaurants and others try to keep their share of a reduction in the travelling public.

Reduction in the flying public in fact, as the fall out from the recent ash cloud coupled with travellers' disillusionment with low-cost carriers means a considerable increase in ferry and train travel.

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Forget the World Cup blues and join the ever-increasing number booking a motoring hoiday in Europe.

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