27 July 2010

Car hijacked, baggage stolen - a cautionary tale

We have received details of a very unfortunate event which occurred to a reader of our website whilst driving in Spain. From the reception he received when he went to the police station to report this incident it seems to be a not uncommon experience. If similar incidents have happened to other users please let us know by emailing info@drive-alive.co.uk.

Our reader tells us:

"We were on the AP-7 Motorway in the area of Martorell towards Tarragona on the inside lane when we heard a bang which sounded like someone had hit us. I looked in the mirrors as I pulled onto the hard shoulder but couldn't see anything on the road. As we came to a stop a car pulled in front with his hazard lights on. So we thought they had seen what happened. The passenger got out and came back to us. He opened my door and was shouting at me in Spanish. He then pulled at my arm to try to get me out, pointing under the car and still shouting. As I am disabled my wife got out to look under the car. I turned away to put the car into park. When I turned back there was another bloke making off with our bags, which had been at my wife's feet for easy access. They drove off before my wife got back into the car. The whole thing took just 60/100 seconds. We reckon the initial bang could have been a stone thrown from another car or fired from a catapult. It dented the boot."

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