14 December 2011

Petrol and diesel prices in Europe - December 14th 2011

If you are driving abroad for your Christmas or New Year holiday you might like to check our chart of petrol and diesel prices throughout Europe, updated December 14th 2011.

Since our last survey in October the price of petrol has been static, or fallen slightly. The price of diesel has gone up, largely because of supply issues, and is now close to the price of petrol in most of Europe. In some countries it is now dearer, and whilst this has long been the norm in the UK, in Europe in general this is a new development.

Italy has seen the biggest price rises and fuel here is now the most expensive in Europe, with Britain close behind for diesel and in the top 5 for petrol. It's a long way to drive, but Hungary and Poland have the least expensive fuel, and nearer home Luxembourg is still a good place to fill up.

If you are heading to the Alps this winter Austria is relatively inexpensive both for fuel and the cost of living generally.

In many countries there are large variations in price so when you first arrive in a country drive for a while before you fill up, so you can get an idea of the prices on offer. This is particularly true in France where petrol prices can vary by as much as 20 cents a litre.

A full list of petrol and diesel prices in Europe

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