19 June 2009

Cost of a car accident abroad

If you are taking your car abroad this summer, be aware that in some countries accident repairs are much more expensive than in the UK.

Aviva Insurance tells us that Germany is the costliest country for crash repairs, with the average cost £2940, or twice as much as the average across Europe.

In France the average claim for personal injury is £10000, so do your best not to have an accident there!

Other destinations where an accident could cost you dearly include Austria and Switzerland, with an average cost of £2,265. whilst Belgium is the third most expensive country in Europe and a crash could cost up to £1,617.

These figures make it even more important to ensure that you have good quality fully comprehensive vehicle insurance in place. Although the old Green Card is no longer required, and most insurance companies do not issue them now, you should still contact your insurer to let them know you are driving abroad.

In addition make sure you have vehicle breakdown insurance which covers taking your car to Europe. This causes some confusion. It is not the same as your car insurance, and many breakdown policies only cover the UK. If you need European breakdown cover we recommend Green Flag as the company offering the best mix of cover and cost.

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  1. Just remember to drive as safe as you would when at home and you should avoid having to make a personal injury claim when you get back to the UK.