5 June 2009

Senior Railcards in Europe

As you may know Drive-Alive has a sister website for train travel in Europe, with links to sites where tickets can be booked. We've recently been asked if other European countries offer a discount card for senior citizens, similar to the Senior Railcard available in the UK.

The answer is yes, although there seems to be a trend for these to become less widely available. The other problem is that we know of no UK website where these cards can be pre-booked, or where the discount can be claimed online. So it looks as if the only current option is to either try and book on the rail booking website of the country you are visiting, or wait until you arrive and then buy your card and tickets.

If anyone knows of a site where railcards and discounted tickets can be booked, we'd like to hear about it. In the meantime, here is a link to the most comprehensive information about senior railcards we've been able to find.

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