10 June 2009

Save up to 40% on Mini Cruises with DFDS

DFDS Seaways operate from Newcastle to Ijmuiden near Amsterdam and from Harwich to Esbjerg in Western Denmark. Although the vessels are primarily intended as car ferries, they have plenty of facilities on board and DFDS is keen to promote what they call mini cruises, where you travel as a foot passenger. They offer straightforward mini cruises where you either stay a night or two at your chosen destination, or you can just spend a few hours ashore. Or you can check out their wildlife mini cruises, city cruise breaks and cottage holidays. We've chosen to highlight these because currently they are all on offer with up to 40% off.

As this is a blog we don't have the space to feature details on these offers, but you'll find them all by following the links on the Drive-Alive website:

Special offers on DFDS mini cruises, holidays and ferry crossings

If you'd prefer the trip to Denmark, and would like to take your car why not combine the Øresund Region of eastern Denmark and southern Sweden - two countries in one destination. Enjoy the cosmopolitan buzz of Copenhagen, Denmark's capital city. Studies show that the Danes are among the happiest and most content people in the world - and the Danish capital is a great place to find out why! Then cross the Øresund Bridge to the laid back city of Malmö, in Sweden, for another unique Scandinavian experience. With Denmark's sophisticated capital on the one hand and Sweden's rugged natural beauty on the other, you'll discover almost endless possibilities for days of exploration within a fairly small geographical area.

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